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 [speech] Japanese Speech: "My First Homestay" Last updated 
11 Apr 1999 

The Audio 10 Apr 1999
I recorded my Japanese class final speech with one of those pocket cassette recorders, so the audio is not of the highest quality. After transferring the audio to the computer, I created an MP3 file so that it would only take a few minutes to download instead of thirty. The speech is 3 minutes and 40 seconds long (after I trimmed some unecessary stuff). If you do not have software to play an MP3 file (most new computers do), you can visit the folks at WinAmp to download the software for free.

Speech MP3 (850K)

For compatibility reasons, I also made an AIFF version of the speech. Its sound quality is much worse and it takes almost 3 times as long to download, but it's compatible with almost any computer using a Web browser. Try this version only if you can't get the MP3 version to work:

Speech AIFF (2310K)

The Japanese Text 10 Apr 1999
If your Web browser can display Japanese characters, you can look at the full text of my speech here. If your Web browser cannot display Japanese characters, you can look here instead.

Note to those of you who can understand Japanese: I only included kanji if it was a character we officially learned in class, the rest is written with kana.

The English Translation 11 Apr 1999
I never even translated the speech into English until I put it on this Web page! Here it is.

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