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14 Jan 1999 

Sugimoto Bar 14 Jan 1999
Thursday is JCMU/foreigner night at Sugimoto's Bar/Restaurant. Not only do many JCMU students attend on Thursdays (which is strange, because at JCMU there is almost always a weekly test on Friday), but also JCMU faculty, teachers, other English-speaking students, and Japanese who speak English.

You probably can guess what happens at a bar, so I'll stick to short comments for these pictures:

Bar 01
Bob Trombley, Jason Fulks

Bar 02
Bob Trombley, Jill McKay, Ben LeFebrve, Andrew Welt, Jason Fulks

Bar 03
??, ??, Jason Fulks, Brian Pitaniello, Cherokee Cain

Bar 04
??, ??, Jason Fulks, Brian Pitaniello (striking a pose), Cherokee Cain

Bar 05
Chisato Nanbu - a Japanese JCMU student learning English that I met at the bar. She doesn't speak much English, and I speak even less Japanese, so it was an interesting conversation.

Bar 06
Bob Trombley, Erin Dewsbury, Dan Laursen, Chisato Nanbu, Allen Pollock

Bar 07
Jim Wu, Cherokee Cain

Bar 08
Andrew Welt surrounded by Chris Houbeck, Denis Gaty, Sam Blair, Ben McCraken, Jim Wu, Elly Bunzendahl, Erin Dewsbury

Bar 09
Temami, ??, Kanako

Bar 10
Time to go back - ever ride a bicycle after having a few? You can be arrested for DUI on a bicycle in Japan.

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