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12 Jan 1999 

Shopping 09 Jan 1999
I went shopping today with Elly Bunzendahl and Freya Katkowsky (JCMU English teacher), and had my first taste of mochi (see [1.10#4] for more details on mochi). A street vendor was selling hot mochi, and I posed for a photo. The friendly lady then took our picture (me (blinking), Elly Bunzendahl). That was my first taste of mochi; now I'm quite fond of the stuff.

In the store (AL PLAZA, I'll get more pictures of it later), I found that the shopping carts (me, Freya Katkowsky) are much cooler than American carts. Each wheel on the cart moves in all directions, and rotates independently of the others. So, you can move, spin, or slide the cart in any direction at any time. They're smaller than American carts, but they do have a place for two baskets (which are the same baskets as the hand baskets, so they're removable).

I didn't get as many pictures of the different foods as I would have liked (I'll go back and get more -- I was too busy shopping), but I did get a picture of some tako. See if you can guess what the Japanese word "tako" means. Here's the photo. It's good stuff! It doesn't really have that much flavor.

Miscellaneous Food 12 Jan 1999
Here are some miscellaneous food pictures I've accumulated:

Milk Candy - From Hokkaido island (the northernmost island of Japan) cows! I like the English description on the package.

Grapefruit Soda - There are interesting flavors of carbonated beverages in Japan. The grapefruit flavor wasn't all that bad!

Shrimp Munchies - "Kappa Ebisen" is what the package says. They're kind of like Cheetos, but they're have whole shrimp ground up in them. The package says they're a good source of calcium. You probably want to brush your teeth after eating them, but they taste good!

Laundry Detergent - No, it isn't food. But I took a picture of it, so here it is. The big characters say "ho wa i to", which means "white".

JCMU Computer Lab 12 Jan 1999
Here it is! Exciting, huh? In the photo are Chris Houbeck and Jeff Watson.

A Traditional Japanese Breakfast 12 Jan 1999
One of the reasons I'm here is to learn about Japanese food and how to prepare it. Here's what I've learned about preparing breakfast. I still have much to learn!

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