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09 Jan 1999 

American Cola 09 Jan 1999
Forget that expensive Coca Cola stuff when you can have American Cola for a third of the price! The 1.5 liter bottle of American Cola is about 150 yen, while a bottle of Coke the same size is over 400 yen, if I remember correctly. The best part is, it's "FROM USA"! It tastes surprisingly similar, too.

Katsudon 09 Jan 1999
Tonight I went to the Shiruman Lakeside Restaurant. It's just down the street from JCMU. It has a nice warm "Japanese home" atmosphere, with friendly people running the place. Someone recommended that I order katsudon (fried pork cutlets over rice topped with a scrambled egg sauce and a bit of seaweed). It was tasty. The people at the restaurant saw us walk in from the nasty wet snow (after we circled the building trying to find the door), and gave us udon (Japanese noodles) in broth topped with green onions (as a gift). It was also tasty. With green tea to drink and a few pickled things to clear the palate, it made a fine meal.

Here's a picture of the meal, and here's a picture of Tom Acker, my roommate, who happened to smile for the camera while I had it out.

We're Really Roughing It 09 Jan 1999
My room is practically a computer lab sometimes (pictured: Brian Pitaniello and Tom Acker). I have a laptop, my roommate has a laptop, and we can both hook them up to the Internet (not at the same time). This often leads to the "Dan, can I use your computer?" situation. Since the computer labs are often closed after 5 PM, and all day on Saturday and Sunday, I'm happy to oblige.

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